Foggy Londontown

Hey all! I went to London last weekend with some friends and we fit as many touristy activities as we could in 3 days. I think we were pretty successful. We saw Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral,  Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, The London Eye, Hyde Park, Green Park and the markets in Brick Lane. Brick Lane was definitely my favorite. There are loads of coffee shops, music stores, vintage clothing and painfully trendy youth everywhere you look. We also saw an INCREDIBLE show called Cabaret Sauvignon by Barbershopera. They are these four vocal geniuses who sing hysterical, original songs with tons of audience participation and an occasional freestyle rap. It made me piddle with laughter and miss Cloud 9 a lot. Despite getting lost in the rain on the first night, staying in a pube-infested hostel with a surprise, random fourth roommate and missing our train stop on the way home, the trip was incredibly successful. AND I HAVE PICTURES TO PROVE IT:

Buckingham Palace:

Big Ben:

Trafalgar Square:

Befriending ducks in Green Park:

Stalking Barbershopera:

Also, I’m in the third week of my classes and I’m really enjoying them. I’m taking Native Americans, Cuban-America and Post-war Adolescence. It’s a little strange because I’m used to 300 person lectures and my largest class here is 20 people. It’s really intense, but it’s been nice to actually get to know my professors and share my opinions in class.

I’m in Norwich for this weekend, but next weekend is Barcelona and the weekend after I’m going to Dublin. I’m sure I’ll bombard you with photos and stories from those travels soon. I love you all and miss you terribly. I hunted down some Tapatio and have been drenching every meal in it. A spicy little taste of home. Please email or facebook me with updates on your lives! Love you!


One thought on “Foggy Londontown

  1. Christy Queirolo says:

    You little world traveler! I’m living vicariously through your adventures. Minus the pube-infested hostels and showering in pumps and plastic bags! We are so proud of you kiddo!

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